New Life Horse Care Sanctuary

"Where broken dreams are mended"

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We retain a core group of four horses here at New Life Horse Care Sanctuary. These horses have special needs which mean they are unsuitable to rehome and away from here, their future would be uncertain.

The charity is also engaged in the rescue and rehabilitation of racehorses, who have come to the end of their working life. This worthwhile work gives a select number of ex-racehorses an oppurtunity to go on and excel in other disciplines such as eventing, dressage, hunting etc. Speaking about her experience and recently rescued horse ThunderChild, Melissa Liddicoat says: "I too had a horse in similar circumstances from Ray and Jackie and can honestly say she has turned out amazing!! These horses just need TLC and some time and effort. This horse just needs a fresh start" Thunderchild has been renamed Woody and rehomed in Somerset. His owner is absolutely delighted with him.


 (left) Melissa Liddicoat and Ruby - A NLHC rescued racehorse
(right) ThunderChild - A recently rescued ex-racehorse.

Foster Foals at NLHCS

New Life Horse Care Sanctuary proudly supports the work of Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony, a registered charity which works to find homes for the native Hill Ponies of Dartmoor. We foster foals for a period of time (usually in pairs) and handle them to give them a more promising start in life, this increases their chances of being sold to a forever home.

Oberon (Obe)

UPDATE January 2017

Obe attended the Ken Faulker Australian Natural Horsemanship clinic at Hitts Barton Equestrian Centre in July 2016, he continues to thrive on this philosophy of horsemanship and is now beginning to work at liberty.

Obe's journey back to health April 2015
Obe arrived at New Life Horse Care Rehabilitation Centre at the end of 2012.  He was very shut down (learned helplessness) due to his previous training regime.  He was quiet and did no wrong.  He was sound, but suffered from melanomas which are common in grey horses.
However, he was prone to accidents, frequently cutting himself on bushes etc.  His skin seemed very fragile, and the least knock would take the skin off, and a couple of months later had a bout of lymphangitis and cellulitis which resulted in him being hospitalised at St David's Equine Practice for 9 days, and on strong painkillers (Bute and Finadyne) for several weeks.  His behaviour began to change as he began to express himself which showed us that he was a very stressed and fearful horse.  He attempted to jump out of his paddock, fell and smashed his pelvis and face, which led to months of rehabilitation, Laser Therapy and more Bute.  Obe went back into gentle work in August 2013 and a month later, the herd leader Pilgrim died, and Obe dramatically changed for the worst following this, suffered a further 3 bouts of cellulitis and when ridden his behaviour was unpredictable and dangerous (spinning and bolting on the road).  He was not a pleasure to work with.  indeed he was a tiresome and expensive liability. 
But he was my horse and little by little I began to love him, and a year ago I was determined to do whatever it took, to somehow change Obe, and to make him happy.  I had to come to that place of making a decision, and enlisted the help of Heather Seems, Ken Faulkner's UK Recommended Associate and she came to me every two weeks and little  by little we began to make changes and to see improvement as she taught me the skills needed for me to show Obe I could be his trusted leader.  These training sessions were punctuated with cellulitis, but topped up with Bute, we kept working.
In August 2014, Heather introduced me to Nigel Clay, Director of Clays Natural Heath  and after several discussions, I purchased a Raditech from him, which I put in Obe's stable.  Obe's intermittent manic behaviour (eg galloping around for 5 hours due to Alpacas over the road) was caused by Geopathic Stress on my land, and the Raditech was able to neutralise this.  Nigel suggested I reserved judgement for 3 months and to monitor Obe's progress.  The Raditech is the biggest, and most powerful one, and I noticed changes in other areas, for example the young special needs children who come here improved and quietened down and were able to ride another remedial pony with no difficulties, and I felt more focused about my life.  Obe was also put on Allitech (potent Allicin) 70 mls a day to combat microparasites in his body, causing ineffective absorption of the minerals and vitamin supplements I was giving him.  Allitech is a powerful antibiotic with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.   Following a recent knee injury, and more antibiotics, the vet advised no painkillers, so Obe could be accurately monitored.  Nigel recommended Venestorn Tea (S.African Devil's Claw) which Obe has every day.  This product has kept Obe off Bute.
Today Obe is a well horse physically.  His behaviour has completely changed and this is directly due to the Raditech.  From being in a constant state of emotional meltdown, Obe is now calm enough to be used as an equine assisted learning horse, working with fragile, damaged teenagers.
Obe's story can be followed on Facebook page New Life Horse Care Sanctuary.


Caleb has been completely retrained and backed using Ken Faulkner's methods. Caleb is now four years old, still growing and making fantastic progress. It is anticipated that we will start more ridden work this summer.

Caleb is our Blue Cross loan pony, a lightweight cob rising 15hh.

He  arrived after Pilgrim died. Caleb is now 4 years old and growing by the day.  He was part of a big welfare case a three years ago, whereby over 20 ponies were rescued by the RSPCA.  He had been starved and was ill.

Despite his horrible start in life, Caleb is a really friendly out going pony, who is very happy and generous, he loves people, loves attention, tolerates his little bits of training, and is prone to looking for mischief.

However, he displays signs of insecurity and cannot be alone and is very anxious about food and water.
I have great hopes for him as a good riding pony in due course and believe that in time, his memories of his past will fade away.


Elsa is the newest member of the team at New Life Horse Care Sanctuary.  She has only been with us a short while, and her personality is slowly emerging.  One thing is for sure, she is super friendly and loves people and being pampered.

Elsa is an 8 years old, 13.2hh Gypsy cob.  She was rescued with a large herd of ponies, who were fly grazing in Wales.  Initially she went to The Horse Trust, and then when there was space, she went to The Blue Cross, Burford Centre, near Oxford (where Caleb came from).

Elsa has never been broken in.  She?s had a number of foals, so she was probably just used as a breeding machine.  However, she is a very fast learner and is already working with the young people who attend here, with a variety of needs.

Being the only mare, in an established bachelor herd is challenging for her, and for the time being she is in her own paddock, while the three boys get used to her.


Mattie continues to do well. He is currently undergoing training with Heather Seems. He continues to have a "fear" of ropes which is a learned behaviour pattern. Nevertheless he is good with our learners and is ridden regularly by children with extreme special needs. Physically he is very challenged, but is becoming more balanced and able to now canter in a small circle in the school. Mattie attends the Pony Boot Camp due to being extremely overweight.

Mattie is a registered New Forest pony whose heritage dates back to 1935. He has been with us for three years and has a forever home with us. Before he came here, he had been passed from home to home due to severe behavioural issues.

Mattie continues to be grumpy, but enjoys being groomed and doing the limited work he can do due to a previous injury to his pelvis. He is an outstanding lead rein pony, even those with special needs can safely ride him. He can only walk and trot and enjoys walking around the village.

Mattie has benefited from a careful rehabilitation and training program, and has been assessed by Ken Faulkner's Associate Heather Seems, who congratulated my learners on the work they had all done.

Mattie is a great asset to the team.

Drummer Eric

Our new arrival Eric is a former RDA horse. However this does not mean he is without issues. We are specifically helping him overcome his anxiety about the mounting block and beginning to teach him basic skills such as flexing and hind quarter yield. He is anxious working on a circle and is beginning to tell us how he feels. His security is on people on the ground and not on his back. However he's a lovely chap who enjoys being pampered.