New Life Horse Care Sanctuary

"Where broken dreams are mended"

                                            Registered Charity: 1165384

Stay Safe Natural Horsemanship for Young Learners

This is a new project for young people with disabilities giving them the opportunity to learn from the ponies. There is a special emphasis on teaching ground skills and developing an understanding of communication between horse and human. From experience, we have observed that all young people with disabilities such as Autism, Selective Mutism, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression and Learning Difficulties, are able to grasp simple ground skill techniques. We are not a riding school, however young people are taught how to ride using a halter and bareback pad.

"A man or a horse persuaded against their will
will be of their opinion still" (Author unknown)
Ken Faulkner's philosophy :
Ken works with the horse using the horse's psychology, to help the horse find for itself the best way it needs to move to do the job we are asking of him and you need to be able to read the horse's language because everywhere the horse places his foot means something.  Each manoeuvre builds strength, balance and ultimately posture and outline.

Art at New Life Horse Care Sanctuary

All projects here, challenge society's perception that the only way to communicate is verbally. All learners are given the opportunity to express themselves through art whether it's drawing, painting, creative writing or sculpture. Currently the Whisper's Song artwork created by six learners with special needs is on display in a local church. There are plans underway to extend the art practice at New Life Horse Care Sanctuary.