New Life Horse Care Sanctuary

"Where broken dreams are mended"

                                            Registered Charity: 1165384


We retain a core group of three horses (plus foster foals) here at New Life Horse Care Sanctuary. These horses have special needs which mean they are unsuitable to rehome and away from here, their future would be uncertain.

We owe everything to the horses who are here.  Without them, many young people would still be without any hope, isolated, and with no future.  Our horses are so giving and tolerant of the learners who come here with many special needs, physical disabilities and mental health issues.  This is why we endeavour to teach the Stay Safe Horsemanship program, ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to gain understanding about the innate nature of horses; That they aren't just a commodity there for their use, but sentient beings who feel pain and emotions.

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