New Life Horse Care Sanctuary

"Where broken dreams are mended"

                                            Registered Charity: 1165384

Art in the Market

More recently, there have been significant changes at the Charity.  While we continue to help young and older people with mental health issues, find solace with our horses, after 10 years, we needed a change in direction and fresh challenges, which would enlarge our client base.

We were invited by Tiverton Pannier Market, with approval from the Council, to set up an art facility within the declining Pannier Market, which would engage the public, get people talking, increase footfall, trade and consequently boost local economy.

Jackie Tye, Director of the Charity, who is also a practicing, professional artist, with over 30 years experience in community art, was asked to paint murals on the internal walls.  One mural was dedicated to the late Johnny Kingdom, and featured a family of deer.  A twice monthly art group was set up in September, led by Jackie Tye, hosted by Paulette Lasch from Silverton and supported by Alan Ottey, the Market Manager.  It has been well attended, and people are enjoying the opportunity to make friends, do some art and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a piece of cake.

Hand of Hope

Hand of Hope collaboration between NLHC and Bethal Christian Fellowship. Finding peace in life's chaos. Let the horses help you walk through the Valley of Weeping and find joy again in your everyday life. 

This is a new initiative based on the findings of the study in Frome (Guardian, 21/2/18) on the importance of community organisations in treating and preventing chronic illness. We have been approached as partners by local GP practises who suggested the value of this work to us. We hope to offer a rolling programme of support for patients’ wellbeing in small groups. We operate on a secluded site on the outskirts of Exeter providing people with peace and quiet and therapeutic time with horses. In Frome it was found that signposting patients to community organisations reduced hospital admissions and improved community health. The aim is to break the cycle of isolation, misery and depression that leads to increased medical intervention.

Stay Safe Natural Horsemanship for Young Learners

This is an project for a core young people with disabilities giving them the opportunity to learn from the ponies. There is a special emphasis on teaching ground skills and developing an understanding of communication between horse and human. From experience, we have observed that all young people with disabilities such as Autism, Selective Mutism, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression and Learning Difficulties, are able to grasp simple ground skill techniques. We are not a riding school, however young people are taught how to ride using a halter and bareback pad.

"A man or a horse persuaded against their will
will be of their opinion still" (Author unknown)
Ken Faulkner's philosophy :
Ken works with the horse using the horse's psychology, to help the horse find for itself the best way it needs to move to do the job we are asking of him and you need to be able to read the horse's language because everywhere the horse places his foot means something.  Each manoeuvre builds strength, balance and ultimately posture and outline.